Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Camp Pictures

I found my camera cord today so here are some of the best from Days 1-3:


rawbin said...

Oh Saranac....................... kiss it for me, willya? or look into the sky while you parasail & thank the Lord above for that day when He stole my heart over that same lake.

that picture of you skiing is hysterical.

love you.

Spooner said...

Jeez that makes me miss that place! While you are kissing it for Robin, will you hug it for me? What a life-changing spot. Love love love the 'Nac.
If I ever had to be in that canoe I'd probably combust out of frustration. So don't ever put me in a canoe like that.

Buffy said...

Those are great pics! Looks so fun and exhausting. Praying for your return trip. Love y'all.