Monday, July 14, 2008

Destination July 2010

Matt and I set a goal to go to the Tour De France in two years.

Yesterday began the mountain stages and every day is high drama in the mountains of France.

So, we began to consider that Matt will have a summer long Sabbatical in two years from Young Life and we would love to abandon children and go to France for two weeks in two years. The dream is to camp/stay in hotels in the Alps waiting for the tour. Follow it for a few days and stake out a location on the Alp D'Huez to watch the most dramatic stage of the entire tour.

Then spend a few days kickin' it elsewhere and head to Paris to watch the final stage on the Champs Elysees.

I finally have a goal to save all of my pennies for something. Not just a rainy day. But a trip! A real trip!
Any donations to get us started? Feel free to start clicking on the ads on my blog in order to help us on our way. Every penny counts!

I know it is a nerdy sounding trip, but obviously we will enjoy France, Bastille Day and living the life of a Parisian during the biggest event of the year. I can't wait! Two years-ugh.


Lizzie said...

There's an amazing website you should check-out that has great deals on apartments and villas in France that loads of my friends use for honeymoons and vacations. It's basically just a place where people can advertise privately owned places. I recommend you play around with the search options on the left. We just got a great deal on a self-catered apartment in Tenerife for our Honeymoon.

If you need any European help or want to spend some time in London let me know, we can probably put you up! (I'm Spooner's friend from London, I feel like I know you from her stories and reading your blog from time to time. Sorry if that's creepy, I get excited about people visiting Europe.)

Anonymous said...

Hey, Leslie! I'm procrastinating at work and was catching up on your blog for the last while. Here's a tip... if you DO get to plan the trip to the Tour de France, call me and jason. We biked Alp de Huez on our honeymoon and can give you the hook up on where to stay in the village it starts in. And I would book SUPER EARLY (maybe a year in advance!). Hope that dream to go works out. It's an awesome spot.
-Robin (Mehler)