Wednesday, July 9, 2008

How Different

Matt and I were talking yesterday morning about how nice it is that our kids are past the "crying all day long" stage. They really only cry when they are scared, hurt or in trouble now.

I had a feeling when we were talking about it that we should stop because it seemed to be a jinx; like when you don't talk about someone throwing a no-hitter when they are throwing one. It turned out I was right.

We were fixing dinner last night when Lucy slammed her fingers in the doors of our entertainment center. Not a big deal. But she decided that she needed to cry for an hour, inconsolable, sobbing, burping type of cry. The only solution was popsicles for dinner.

Once she calmed down, we took the kids for a walk. We have neighbors that have recently decided to raise chickens and they have a rooster that crows ALL DAY LONG. Asher loves it. So we walked over to see the free-range chickens and rooster. Asher was a little rowdy around the birds and we had him walk back down the road towards us, when he picked up a rock and threw it at the rooster.

Mr. Rooster did not like that at all. He attacked Asher and pecked him all over. Asher was running away, the rooster jumped on his back and was going to town. I ran towards Ash and kicked the rooster away. So he was crying for the next 30 minutes until he finally calmed down and laughed about it. Quietly.

We are hoping that this becomes one of his first FIRM memories from his childhood. We'll see.

As we were walking away from rooster times, Lucy fell on the road and lost her popsicle. Crying began again.

By 9pm, my ears were so tired from it all that I fell asleep on the couch after making cupcakes for Asher's birthday.

Yes, today is Asher's birthday. We had a great day with a few friends that came over to eat hamburgers and sing happy birthday. I will be writing a post to Asher, but it will have to wait until tomorrow because I am exhausted from throwing a three-year old birthday party!

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