Monday, July 14, 2008

Final Thought of the Day

I have to go get a shower before my kids get up from their naps, but final thought of the day.

On our way from back from camp, we handed out sheets of paper and pens for kids to write themselves a letter about the week that they just had. We typically mail it to them around Thanksgiving just to remind them what they heard from God and what they discovered about themselves during camp.

It has been great year after year to hear from kids and how that letter helped them on their journey.

This year, we did the same thing and we had the kids self-address the envelopes.

Except that 75% of the trip, 48 kids did not know how to address the envelope. No, I am not kidding. They didn't know which side of the envelope the address went on. They didn't know where the city, state and zip went. They didn't know their own ZIP CODE.

It was honestly the first time in my life that I have thought about homeschooling my kids.
How, is a kid in honors classes going into their senior year of school going to survive without knowing how to address an envelope to another person?

I fear for the future.
Thanks George W. Bush for No Child Left Behind. It's working. No seriously. I love it, its perfect. For me to poop on.

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Buffy said...

Les - thank you so much for your HI larious blogs today. Seriously, it made me laugh very hard and I needed it after the shizzy day I had today. Love the texting, the caramel dip, and especially the kids who don't know their own zip code. By the way, I ALWAYS sat in the front of the bus. I know it was against everything we taught leaders about being with kids all the way to and from camp, but I mean really? They don't want me back there while they're grubbin and texting.

Thanks for making me laugh.