Saturday, January 10, 2009

30 Rock

I don't really have to tell all of you that my favorite show on TV right now is 30 Rock. I watched IT instead of the national championship in football because well...who cares.

I love it so much that I am even watching these thing on and it made me laugh my head off. Go ahead, it's called "Ask Tina" and it will make you laugh too.

WATCH 30 ROCK. Have I made myself clear? Thursday nights. After The Office. You have no excuse.


Buffy said...

I love that she's wearing Danskos.

Also, I was dying to text you my favorite line from Thursday's episode but you hadn't seen it yet. That one was hysterical.

Braffair to Rememblack

Michelle said...

You know, I just watched the most recent 30 Rock last night and wanted to go online & see this but forgot...until now. Super funny! Especially comical is how I was thinking about her shoes too and Buffy is right on it. Truly perfect.

gooddog said...

loved it. especially the question about jack and the 3 wooden ones they use. do you think kenneth really gives tours?