Thursday, January 22, 2009

Uno Dos Tres

As a follow up to the Toy Story Spanish Story, yesterday I heard Lucy waking up from her nap doing what she normally does; singing, telling stories and just talking quietly.

But yesterday she started talking more loudly and saying, "Ayúdeme! Ayúdeme! I dropped it!"

That's right.
For those of you who don't speak Spanish or as I see it, "DORA" that would be:

"Help Me! I dropped it!"

You see, in every single episode of Dora the Expolorer this little maven screeches, "Ayúdeme!" as loudly as she can and then says, "Can you say 'Ayúdeme' with me?

So of course my kids don't say, "Help me" now.

They just SCREAM "Ayúdeme!!!" at me whenever they drop something, or the sunshines brightly, or the wind blows or the breathe a little too deeply.

Can you tell that we have been around each other A LOT THIS WEEK?

Thanks a lot snow days!
I am looking forward to the groundhog telling me that March 1st is the first day of spring.

1 comment:

MJG said...

If you do see Dora, and get to punch her in the face, will you please tell her that she needs a bigger shirt because I'm tired of looking at her panza all the time? That's Spanish for belly, she'll know what I'm talking about.