Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ridin' Dirty

Over Thanksgiving and Christmas, Lucy decided that she wanted to be potty trained. It's awfully convenient to have a child with enough sense in her head to want to stop walking around in her own feces and bodily fluids, so we happily complied with her wishes by rewarding her with m&m's.

She has done great with only a few accidents here and there over the course of a few months. In the last week, she is even dry at nap time. I mean, what child does this? We are trying to reward Asher with another trip to Disneyland if he can make it through nap time dry, so we are pretty pumped about Lucy and her bladder abilities.

Except that she, like most children, does not like to go #2. And she is more strong willed than most children. And so she has just been holding it. FOR FIVE DAYS. Since I am more strong willed than her; I have changed her diet to make her body work against her will.

It all came to a head (so to speak) the other night when Matt was out playing poker (of course). I was cleaning the kitchen and Lucy came down the stairs and said "Poo Poo." while pointing to her bum. I took inventory and realized that we had a situation on our hands. Yep. She pooped her pants.

So, I got her cleaned up with a few tears. She wasn't too happy either.
Five minutes later. It happened again. Ugh.
This time, I find her in the bathroom poop on the floor. Smeared down her legs. On the potty. Everywhere.
Throw the child in the bath. Asher is watching TV unattended and jumping on the furniture and I have poop on every surface in my bathroom and two pairs of poop covered underwear.

Guess which strong-willed child is working on breaking her mother?


Ashby Howard said...

That's really pretty nasty! Hopefully, there won't be any more days like that!

Michelle said...

You have 100% of my sympathy on this one. As you know, my skills in this area were tested to the limits with Peter. It is utterly maddening. Don't day, hopefully soon, she will get it. In our case, it took over 6 months....and a doctor to prescribe a laxative. Wanna guess how messy that was before he got it?