Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Topography is Fun

Last September, our dear friend and old area director, Buddy Odom sent a letter to 17 couples that all had something to do with each other and Asheville Young Life at some point in the past eight years.

The letter was inviting the 17 couples to get out of town (where that might be now) and come together to just reunite and be together as married people. Little did we all know that all 17 couples replied "YES!" Well a few things; i.e. babies happened, but 15 couples did show up this past weekend for a weekend away in Tennessee.

It was wonderful and messy all at the same time. Not messy like your family can get at Christmas messy. But messy like, "I am married to this person and it is really hard and now we are together on this weekend in front of our dearest friends" kind of messy. So that was fantastic.

And it really was. Hard and fantastic.

Buddy used a single question to get at the hearts of every couple there. He used the analogy of a mall map that has a "You are here" red dot on it. Then he asked; "Where are you? Where is your marriage?"

Well, that pretty much opened up the can of worms for the room Friday night and then all of the sudden it was Sunday morning and we spent the whole weekend crying, laughing and praising God.

How can I sum it up any better? Pictures.

And of course, we had to stop in Pigeon Forge and seal the weekend with an airbrushed t-shirt AND sweatshirt. Lovely. I know.


gooddog said...

That sounds amazing...

and also, what the heck, Buddy facial hair is EVEN more extreme than I've seen it before. wowsa.

nice shirts.

mom said...

Are you kidding me? You made me throw out all the expensive soccer tournament T shirts and y'all got personalized airbrushed ones?

How old are you? 16?
Really- that is just the green eyed monster talking. A weekend withgood friends AND Buddy and Cathy - I am envious.