Thursday, January 15, 2009

As Sweet As Three Can Be

Last night Matt and I took advantage of the fact that we have someone living with us who can put our children to bed and watch TV, and we went on a DATE!

It was great. And about two hours into the date we got a text message from Ben that said, "Just so you know, your son is a baller."

Of course, we had to call and find out just what he was talking about.

He said that Lucy was having a hard time getting ready for bed and started getting upset. Asher walked up to her and put his hand on her shoulder and said, "It is going to be okay Lucy. Mommy and Daddy are on a date, you are going to go to bed. Tomorrow we are going to wake up, eat cereal and then watch some Wiggles. Okay? It is going to be okay. "

Then he gave her a hug and a kiss and told her night night. He walked out of her room and went into his room and got in his bed. Ben tucked Lucy in (who was now calmed down) and went to put Asher to sleep. Usually, Asher requires quite the dog and pony show to go to bed. But not last night.

Ben tucked Asher in and was about to get going on the show when Asher said, "I am just going to go night night. I am going to stay in bed. I am excited to see a seven tomorrow!"

And then he went to bed.

WHAT? Who is this child?


Anonymous said...

That is THE picture of a Big Brother!

Nichole said...

Ha! That's awesome. It's a good thing 3-year-olds do cute stuff on a regular basis. It balances out the rotten.

Michelle said...

So sweet and funny! I have to admit though, I'm not sure I get the reference to "baller."

Buffy said...

o sweet!!! They are growing up!

Ask Asheville North Carolina said...

Really enjoy the variety of your blogs. Fyi... we added your blog feed to our twitter account Ttyl.