Wednesday, January 14, 2009

College Soccer Summed Up In 4 Minutes

Last night I was watching The Biggest Loser on NBC.
There was a scene with one of the trainers in the gym and one of the contestants on the show who has been giving him a hard time. She hasn't been particularly motivated to work as hard as the others and it has been challenging to watch to see how he and the others on the show deal with her.

This scene was INCREDIBLY insightful to me as the scene unfolded I found myself hiding behind the collar on my shirt, then the pillow on the couch. As the scene went on and on, I found myself get hotter and hotter because I realized that I saw this scene on a daily basis between my coach, our weight trainer, our assistant coaches or some other support staff and someone (somedays, it might have even been ME) on my team; while the rest of the team had to stand by and watch them just yell at this person who was unrepentant and unwilling to just let go and do WHATEVER it was that the coach was trying to get them to do.

Here is the scene:

What is most frustrating about this scene? Is that Joelle could of course do it. That in the end, Bob pissed her enough that she got over herself and did what he asked. She had to swallow her pride and do it. Her teammates were yelling at her to "stop thinking of herself and think of others." Ugh. I can not tell you of the mornings that we had to run on the track because some freshman ducked out of study hall 15 minutes early and so we had to 15 400's for those 15 minutes.

And, I can almost hear the words coming out of my mouth as I was diving across the line while they watched us run FOR THEM..."STOP BEING SELFISH!!!!"

Oh those were the days.
Also, it is a lot easier to make myself run these days because I don't have someone standing in front of me YELLING AT ME THE WHOLE TIME.


leslie ruth said...

Oh my GAH, that scene was all sorts of uncomfortable, awesome and hideous all rolled into one. My eyes kept getting bigger and bigger the more Bob lost it. And the constant self-talk from Joelle? Driving. Me. Crazy. Keep it inside your head, dear one, no one else needs to hear it.

I love this show.

Michelle said...

Wow. Glad I got to see that along with your blog commentary. Truly a cringe-worthy moment.