Friday, January 2, 2009

Clean-Up on Aisle 6

We decided at the last minute to have a New Year's Eve party for parents at our house, which meant attempting to finish up a few home improvement project just before the guests arrive.

Picture this. At 7pm; I had chicken on the grill, a family of 7 arriving at our house to pick up our used washing machine from a Craigslist posting, our kids were destroying the toy loft AND Matt dropped a quart of blonde paint onto our brand new hardwood floors.

I ran into the bathroom and grabbed every towel I could see and threw them at him.
Ben ran to the basement and grabbed the mop and bucket and we had 20 minute clean-up session. All of it came up, but it did destroy nearly all of our towels and kitchen towels. So I will be heading to TJ Maxx today to replace them.

I was very proud of myself because I was even able to laugh about it minutes afterward!
I think that was due to the fact that all of the paint came off the floor. I am so glad we don't have carpet there.

But then last night; Matt was playing with Asher and threw our play tunnel at his head. It popped Asher in the nose and he exploded blood all over the carpet in the play loft. So in addition to TJ Maxx today, we will be going to Walgreens to get some peroxide to clean up the blood.

I wasn't really able to stay nearly as calm as the night before. Unfortunately. Hopefully we won't have to clean anything up tonight.


Miriam said...

thanks for sharing the everyday madness. It makes me miss the Sloan's even more. You amaze me Leslie.

Michelle said...

And I thought you were the hurricane in the family! Hee Hee!

gooddog said...

ugh, when we moved in here eric spilled the entire gallon of apple green paint on brock's tan carpet. I was NOT as kind, or good humored as you were. Amazingly, it ALL came up with one of those rental steam cleaners from the Lowes down the street which Eric raced off to while I was cussing. Glad your's wasn't so ugly! Happy New Year!