Saturday, January 10, 2009

Holiday Crunch

During the period from Thanksgiving until Christmas, our YMCA had a promotion called "Holiday Crunch". Basically, get 15 workouts in between the two dates and you get a free t-shirt.

Did I need another t-shirt? No. Did I need a motivator during the biggest eat fest of the year? Absolutely.

So I managed to do it. If you are doing the math, that is a workout pretty much every other day for 30 days. It was pretty hard to make happen, but I was determined and I actually finished up in time to leave for Christmas EARLY, so I worked EXTRA hard. You don't get extra gold stars or anything for that, but I thought I would point it out since this is my blog.

I picked up my shirt this week at the Y and I have to say, I was mightily disappointed. It is really ugly and not a fun shirt at all like I had anticipated. Once again, not because I need another shirt, but if you are GOING to give me a shirt; let's make it one that I will actually wear ok?

But that has given me the push to once again begin publishing songs of the week to add to your ipod or whatever mp3 player you might have to use when working out. Also, I am going to give you some idea of what I do when I work out so that it might help you to change up your routine. I have no idea if this might be helpful or not, but seeing as it is the New Year and some might be the resolving type-perhaps this could help things out.

New Classes to try at your gym:
Spinning-this class is a hard one, But you can adjust to whatever level you want and NO ONE will know it. They usually play fun music and it will kick your butt whenever you don't feel like thinking.

ZUMBA-I have just started going to Zumba and I have had a blast. Typically I hate aerobics classes because I don't feel like they give me much of a workout. I would rather run or something. But this is fun stress reliever and instead of cooling down, I will exit early and go run a mile on the treadmill just to go over the top. It is fun to dance for an hour and learn something new. Every person that reads this blog would have fun at Zumba. I know it.

New/Old Songs of the Week:
November Rain-Guns N Roses: This song is nine minutes long! Start out your run with this song and increase your speed on the treadmill as the beat of the song increases. By the end of the song, you will be flying along, nine minutes into your run AND probably have a mile under your belt already.

Pour Some Sugar on Me-Def Leopard This is a great song to follow up with November Rain to keep the tempo going.

So What-P!NK This song is super cheesy, but it does rock and it'll get your butt moving on the treadmill. Especially if you know P!NK story with her husband/ex-husband.

Push It-Salt-N-Pepa:
I know you just laughed out loud. But since I know every word to this song from a cheerleading dance in the fifth grade AND it says the word PUSH IT over and over and over again right about the point when you would rather hit the clear/end button on the treadmill, it will buy you another three and half minutes.

The goal for the week? Get three workouts in by next Saturday.
Can you do it? Do you even want to? Post your thoughts here.

Please note, that ain't my picture. But's pretty funny. It came from the Daily Mail in the UK.

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S. Spooner said...

New song to add to your workout mix that really is worth it:
"Barefoot Tonight" by Miss Kittin.

It even makes me want to excercise,and I just had to look up how to spell excercise.