Tuesday, May 19, 2009

God Bless Jeannie

My sweet sister-in-law Jeannie read my blog yesterday, called her husband and my mother-in-law and organized a hijacking of my kids for a few days so that we could get more of our kitchen out of the way, organized for the summer and clear work out of the way.

I could kiss her on the lips for what she has given to me.
Already today, I have mostly packed the kids for Colorado...been to Target and Old Navy (by myself-which is SUCH A LUXURY) and visited a tile showroom; got intimidated and left.

Quite an accomplished day by 1pm.
Left to do today?
Some contact work for YL, demolish the rest of the kitchen, some work for the ad agency and a date with the hubba hubba good time (which will include more tile showrooms).

Jeannie, I love you but since you have three kids...I probably can never repay you. That intimidates the crap out of me.
But I can take LOTS of pictures for you.


Anonymous said...

Jeannie ROCKS! I only wish that I was close enough to kidnap Ashman and LuLu myself. But I begin to compete with cousins plus Gammy and Doc!
The RiRi

Buffy said...

Yeah, she is a stud. We owe her like four weekends watching her kids for when she would watch Mag before the twins. Now between the two of us we just have too many kids to help each other out! At least while they are this young. Jeannie really is an angel...WWJeannieD???? Answer, keep five kids under the age of 6.