Monday, May 18, 2009

Kitchen Renovation Diary 1

The classic before picture:

Tons of stuff on the counters just because we really weren't planning on ripping out a kitchen this past weekend. But, we had a dumpster delivered on Friday morning and now it is Monday morning and 80% full. We hope to have the rest of the kitchen ripped out by the end of this week.

Ben and Matt started attacking the kitchen at 3:45pm...

This is what the kitchen looked like at 5:45pm.

Warning, don't let these men into your house unless you want it beasted.

They spent all day yesterday taking apart a heating and air conditioning vent that stands in the way of our new cabinets and rerouting it. They actually put a new vent in where there wasn't one before!
Both men were beaming like they had just birthed a child all night long.

It was impressive. I am VERY impressed. Mostly because I don't have to pay an air conditioning guy to come and do the same thing.

We have lots of actual work to do this week and so we have to take a few days off the kitchen renovation. But later in the week, we hope to rip out the rest of the kitchen, solve some plumbing questions, take up the flooring, take out the rest of the framing and install the new electric. And if we are really good, new drywall! Not too ambitious is it?

Total tools bought this weekend:

Cordless Sawzall
18volt cordless screwdriver
work spotlights

Wanna know what I say to that? Happy Father's Day!


Beth Maslin said...

Blessings on your head, Leslie! I am serious about hanging out with Ash-man and Lucy this week(end). If you need an extra pair of hands just call!

lesliesloan said...

Thanks Beth! I think the kids aren't great around the kitchen, I am going to take them to my parents for the weekend. Just to be out of the way of it all!

I appreciate the offer.
Maybe when we get back from our assignement???