Friday, May 15, 2009

Still Shouting Out to Ikea

Well the damage is minimal, thanks to the fact that you buy each individual item from IKEA when you buy a cabinet.

If this had happened with Home Depot, we would be buying new custom made whole cabinets with hardware, shelves and everything. As it is with IKEA, we only have to buy the frame of five cabinets. So the damage is minimized.


But we did realize that we have a MAJOR problem on our hands with the water in the basement as it turns out the water came in from the walls and not through another entrance. Fun! More renovations that cost an ARM AND A LEG. Anyone have spare ones laying around? We are using ours on a kitchen.

But we have surveyed the damage and decided that since the cabinets are all out of boxes and mixed up and in order to get organized outside of the basement since it is supposed to rain the next two days...we are going to GO AHEAD AND START RENOVATIONS NOW. mmhmm.

Not later like we planned. This ought to be interesting. We are playing the hand we are dealt. With smiles and calm demeanors. Seriously.

Here we go!

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ellen said...

Well, that stinks. We have never done major stuff like a kitchen from Ikea, but we did get Drew's bunk beds from there. The instructions had a picture of this happy little man and a manual screwdriver. Not so much. It was pretty difficult and moving the beds was not something I looked forward to. We put my father-in-law and brother-in-law on it.