Thursday, May 21, 2009

You Go Girl Review

I got me a "Go Girl".

Thanks to Paula Pound at Windy Gap. She read about the product here on the blog, ordered a set of three and gifted me one. Wasn't that a sweet sercie?

Last Saturday; my last training fun before the 15k, I went for a five mile run in Biltmore Forest in the morning and of course I had to pee. Usually you can find port-a-potties in the "forest" because wealthy people live there and are always getting their houses worked on.
But no port-a-potties on Saturday and I really "had to go" if you know what I mean.

I whipped out the "Go Girl" ducked into some bushes. Peed like a dude, gave it two shakes and was on my way.

Can I just tell you all that this is SERIOUSLY an awesome product? Go the GO GIRL website right now and buy it now.

I'm trying to convince the people at Diamond Brand that they need to carry it instead of "Shewee" that they are considering. No way. Go Girl all the way.


Anonymous said...

If God had meant for you to pee standing up...he would have given you a pee pee. But since you guys get to birth babies and do all sorts of other crazy cool stuff, He said, alright, dudes need something cool a pee pee so they can pee standing up.

I am completely against the Go-Girl, and any other type of "female pee standing up devices". It's a precursor to a sex change, and I am against that too.

So far we have 1) against God (you know...the "creator of everything"), and 2) gateway to sex change. Need I say more?

Miriam said...

I was gifted the "shewee" when I was pregnant with Grayson. I honestly have not used it yet but I will and give you my review of it! It's been more of a conversation piece with campaigner girls. Good times when you bust that out of the hutch drawer and pass it around the table! You Go Girl or Shewee...hmmmm...

lesliesloan said...

Thanks Ben