Friday, May 8, 2009

Sanfu #1 of 85670

Matt and I got to have an IKEA date on Wednesday and ended up BUYING our IKEA kitchen. It was a nerve wracking experience to say the least...
to make double sure of all the measurements, the cabinet choices, the countertops etc. It was entirely too overwhelming to take too much advantage of the sale, because we weren't totally prepared for the purchase. Like we didn't know what drawer organizers we wanted or what faucet exactly would be right. But the big stuff? We got ALL the big stuff out of the way.

We ordered 20 cabinets, countertops, hood and sink. We sort of freaked about getting it all back home but thankfully they offer home delivery since they are in state for only $99 and so we took them up on it.
It was about 9:30 when we finished up and set up the home delivery. The customer service rep was extremely vague on what we had to do next but he kept saying we had to "check it all out" which to us meant that we had to make sure that all the items were there before they got loaded.

We were not excited to have to wait around IKEA until 10:30pm to check and make sure all 16 boxes of drawer slides were there.

After 30 minutes of waiting, the warehouse people told us that they triple check everything and we could just go on home. "No need to worry!" they said. We wiped our brows from the effort of waiting and went home.

Today we accepted the delivery of our new IKEA kitchen. Yes, this is it.


Things that would be easy to overlook too:
Like nine foot long sections of countertops.
And a double sink.

My favorite part of the day was the delivery man showing me the invoice where everything was checked off. He told me "It must be in a box or something."

Like you put a sink together. Out of a flat box of MDF.
I mean, IKEA is good. But not that good.

Also, he didn't want to go back over the list and make sure that everything was there. All I noticed that was missing was the sink.
I asked him if we could go over the inventory and he said,
"Ma'am, there are 145 items here. We checked it all in our warehouse. I have to be on the other side of town in 30 minutes. If we can through it in 15 minutes, then I can help you out."

Ummm. What?
I don't really care where you have to be.
I HAVE A KITCHEN IN 145 BOXES. Let's go ahead and check it out, kay?

I know that picture is overwhelming.
Imagine what it is going to look like when 40 more things get delivered.
Truthfully, I thought it was going to be worse.

Please ignore all the crap in the background.


Brad Bucklad said...

When we talked about IKEA kitchen's how was it you described it? As a divorce on 7 pallets? I'll start praying for a quick painless install now.

Oh, and I'm really jealous and excited for ya'll.

Anonymous said...

NOW you perhaps understand in a SMALL way what it might have been like for your dad and I to check off the moving inventory sometimes for FOUR different shipments from diffent places around the globe! Remember when I bought eh cabinet from Ikea in Berlin for Drew? I was so proud of the fact that I put it together using only the German directions! We only moved 20 times! That would 2o inventories and of multiple per move! So what is important here is I really , truly understant and so believe in you and Matt.

Buffy said...

Sanfu - aka Snafu - aka Snaffoo - aka oop