Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Yes we are insane

One of the reasons why our life has been pure chaos for the past week has been because we have had to make a lot of decisions about whether or not to engage in a kitchen renovation this summer.

You see, a Home Depot cabinet sale ended on Sunday. So we needed to make a decision on our kitchen and either order the frickin' cabinets or move on. So lots of debates and whathaveyou had us paying a babysitter so we could go and sit with a designer again and have her rework our design on Friday night. We got really excited until she came back with it costing another $1,000 more than the previous design. Yikes.

So we came home. And opened the IKEA kitchen catalog.
And came up with a design based on the one we just had done at Home Depot.
For 1/2 the cost. But for about 150 times the headache.
Guess who's buying a headache for the summer?

Here's how the debate goes:
What do you have more of, time or money?
Sometimes you have more money.
Sometimes you have more time.

Apparently we have more time. For now.
I was really sad that we made this decision on Saturday though because a HUGE IKEA Kitchen sale ended on Sunday. One that has been going on since March. Ugh. But guess what I just got in my inbox? The IKEA kitchen sale has been extended until Sunday, May 10th!
So I guess we are heading to Charlotte sometime in the next four days to BUY A FREAKING KITCHEN IN BOXES. Seriously. Or some would call it a divorce in a box. I am choosing to not think about it in those terms and I am keeping my eyes on the prize.


Which is what I hope my kitchen will look like sometime in the next five years.

Yep, that is Lucy in the picture and yes, those are the cabinets we are buying. But we ordered stainless appliances and we will not have a bar. Do your best to imagine away!


Beth Maslin said...
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Beth Maslin said...

You are indeed insane, but you have made the right choice. That kitchen is amazing! Give me a call if you need child care in the midst of chaos. We'll go out back and play on the swings or head to Fletcher Park.

Nichole said...

Oh, that's lovely.

MJG said...

That's Alana's favorite IKEA kitchen! We always go visit it when I'm in town. Can't wait to see yours when it's all done!

Buffy said...

Divorce in a box...hilarious!