Thursday, May 14, 2009

Kids Say the Darndest Things

When picking up the kids from their school today, the director of the school pulled me aside and said, "I have to tell you what Lucy said to me today."

"Uh-oh." Is all that ran through my head.
That AND a few other words of fear related to a few other words.

She said, "I was talking to her teacher and Lucy kept saying, 'Miss Tina, Miss Tina, Miss Tina' over and over again. I waited until I was done talking and then asked Lucy what she wanted to tell me."

Lucy said, "I really like your pajamas."

Yep. I am pretty sure that Miss Tina will be using this story as her confessional tape on The Biggest Loser or What Not To Wear or some other show in the near future.

So that was awesome.
My gracious daughter.

If your self-esteem ever needs a punch in the face, come on over. We have lots of good times around here to go around.


Anonymous said...

Apples, you will remember, do not fall far from the tree. Once, at a church dinner, a lady left the table to get seconds. You sweetly said, "Boy she's really fat." Her husband, unfortunately, was still at the table. Your dad wanted to die. Welcome to the club!
The RiRi

Michelle said...

That's a true story from mom. But, she forgot the 2nd part where you added "I wonder how she fits in the car."