Saturday, May 9, 2009

Yep, I'm a Twitterer

Have you noticed my new little button on the right side of my blog?

These are my twitter updates!
I have been a twitter skeptic for quite some time now, but only because of friends that have abused their tweets syncing with facebook and have confused job tweets with funny tweets and then dominate my world with them.

If none of that make sense to you...stop reading now.
You can just follow along on the right side of my blog if you don't want to join Twitter!

Any updates I make during the day will be synced here. This is seeming super annoying and self-serving. I know it. But it is really fun, especially to read my other friends tweets and to read oh say...the Pioneer Woman, Lance Armstrong, Perez Hilton, NPR, Robin Plemmons and Spooner (both of whom never fail to disappoint) as well as Dooce.

It is a good time. In my oh-so-fake fantasy blog world that I am loving.

What is happening to my life?
Also, it is fun to find out when sales and others things are going on with retailers and other businesses.
You have heard about it other places. You are now hearing an endorsement from me. It's great fun.


leslie ruth said...

I loooove Twitter. Much more than FB. Since giving up FB for Lent, I've hardly updated my status there (glad to be friends with you on there now, though.) My twitter is protected. I'm super selective but you'd make the cut :) I'm "laru" if you want to find me...

Natalie said...

I knew that you would end up twittering, it was just a matter of time. In fact I may have been disappointed in all your "techiness" if you had not! I just lean on you to be in the know on all these things so I don't have to!

S. Spooner said...

God love Twitter.
Truly. It's amazing.
I am so happy to have your tweets show up in my feed--you are already a master tweeter.