Monday, May 5, 2008


One more category that I am adding:
5 Snacks I hate, that other people love
1. Ice Cream: I don't hate ice cream. But I don't love it and I would never want it on top of cake. And I would throw an ice cream CAKE out of my house if someone brought it over to me. But, I hate the way people around me eat ice cream. People always leave a little bit on the spoon and then turn it over, savoring each bite. Oh, and they BITE ice cream. I don't get it and it grosses me out.

2. Peanut Butter. I love LOVE peanut butter. But if someone is eating peanut butter when I am not eating it, the smell grosses me out and makes me a little angry.

3. Snickers Bars. My poor sweet husband loves Snickers, but if you see #2 then you will know that peanuts are in Snickers and are a direct violation unless I am eating a Reeses Cup, then he may eat it.

4. Big Red Chewing Gum. Or cinnamon anything. Once again, my husband has no choice in the matter. My dad would chew Big Red on every road trip we ever took. And smack it. So the smell would permeate whatever mode of transportation we might be using. It brings me back to some of the best and worst memories of childhood. In addition, Big Red does not FRESHEN breath. It just makes you smell like you have been chewing on mulch. I don't see the benefit and so no one around me should be able to partake.

5. Arby's. I love curly fries as much as anyone and I wish more fast food places would offer them. But I cannot go to Arby's simply because of the offerings of roast beef sandwiches with cheddar cheese smothering it. Horsey Sauce, market fresh wraps, etc. They all make me throw up a little in my mouth.
Their ad campaign almost has me thinking Arby's, but not quite. Cause then I would have to actually eat there and well, Bojangles is almost always across the street.


Buffy said...

That is a really really funny post. Great writing. Made me laugh a lot!


Angie Miller said...

Leslie, I tagged you on my blog...sorry...don't hate...