Saturday, May 24, 2008

Was that a Barrel Around His Neck?

A lot of times when you are leaving to go to YL camp for a month, all kinds of disasters might strike. Sometimes you don't find out until you get home what they were. (One year, we came home to a rotten bag of potatoes that liquified. I still gag at the thought of how they smelled). Sometimes they happen minutes before you leave town. Thankfully, we haven't had anything like that happen just yet to US.

But on our team, Bryan and Lindsey Hancock experienced a day that made me so grateful that they took the hit for all of us. On Thursday morning, the Hancocks were hosting a preschool end of the year party at their house (Of course! Why wouldn't you HOST a party for 15 preschoolers and their parents right before leaving town for the month? This is why we are friends) So they had all of these kids and parents at their house. They also were dog sitting Bryan's sisters St. Bernards. That's right Bernard'S. Two of 'em. One of them is rather old and a bit cranky.

He was freaking out at all of the chaos at their house and Bryan went outside to calm him down. He was settling the dog when he just latched onto his forearm and would not let go. The only way to release his grip on Bryan's arm was to hit the dog. So two quick punches to the skull and the dog went on his way.

Bryan was also on his way to the doctor's office to get 19 stitches in his arm.

On his way to the doctor's office, he called his sister to give her the news. She asked him to get the dog put down due to his violent tendencies. So, before leaving town for the month...Bryan and Lindsey needed to 1) pack their three kids and house up. 2) clean the house from the preschoolers party and 3) put a dog to sleep.

Bryan agreed and once he got home he loaded a shotgun into his car. Yep. That's how the dog was going to be "put to sleep". And then he made his way out to the dog pen where he found the St. Bernard was already dead. Sweet.

It is pretty much assumed that he killed the dog by the blows to head. Either that or the dog has rabies.
So now add to the list, get the dog to vet so that he can get autopsyed and get a major dosage of antibiotics for the open wounds on Bryan's arm; oh, and get arrested for killing a dog. (just kidding about that last one)

So when Bryan and Lindsey rolled into camp at 2am on Friday morning, they were pretty exhausted. Yay-it wasn't us this year!!!

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