Thursday, May 1, 2008

What were you thinking?

This morning, I took my kids to their nursery school. It is a pretty tame place within a church building. They host a co-op of home school teenagers during the same time that my kids are there. It is nice to see high school students and pre-schoolers mingling together.

Except for today.

This morning, I was getting my kids out of the car when I saw a teenage boy walking past us into the school dressed (I am not exaggerating at all) in head-to-toe camo, with a black hat on this head that covered his ears, chin, and most of his face. On his eyes he wore dark glasses and was carrying a large bag into school. He pretty much looked like the Columbine shooters.

I saw his mom then PARK the car and walk in to chat with her friends inside the school.

OKay, I get that trust your kid implicitly. That this MIGHT not even cross your mind that you raised what looks like the Unabomber. I want to have understanding.

Except that it has only been a year since Virginia Tech. Columbine is not such a dim memory that you can just dress like that and walk into an educational environment and no one will raise an eyebrow.

I spent the rest of the morning trying to justify why I left my kids there and didn't immediately turn around and go home. I honestly did not know how to address the situation.

After several hours of being gone, I returned early to the school and spoke with the director about my concerns. She told me, "It's the end of the year. They might have had a dress up day or skits or something."

That's nice. How about not having a school shooting dress up day?
How would any of you handled this? I seriously felt like I was overreacting and that nobody else seemed to have a problem with this. But it freaked me out-BIG TIME. And it was the first time that I have ever felt threatened, that I thought my kids could be a target. I hate this.


Pipsylou said...

No, I would have done the same thing - felt like I shouldn't say anything, that maybe I was misunderstanding something, and then worry about it the entire time I was at home.

You did the right thing, voicing your concerns. It's BECAUSE people see stuff like that and don't say anything that stuff that is unthinkable can occur, right? I mean, it can always occur, but kudos to you for saying something.

I laughed at "school shooting dress up day", though sadly, it's a reality.

I originally startted reading your blog because our kids have the same names (best names EVER), and I kept reading because your sense of humor and honesty just CRACK me up. :)

lesliesloan said...

Thanks PipsyLou! It was crazy...Matt later told me that he might have been out turkey hunting that morning. Apparently, it is Turkey season. ugh.

I think it is so fun our kids have the same names!

Buffy said...

Definitely would have done the same thing. No way that kid should have been allowed to come to school like that. Ugh. You did the right thing, I think.