Friday, May 16, 2008

A Life is Changed

Recently, I was introduced to coffee from a french press. I know, I crawled out of a cave and into society on that day.
Anyway, I loved it. I really wanted one and my friend Robin gave me one that she received as a wedding present and doesn't use.
It has revolutionized my life. Because I am pretty much brewing full coffee cups of espresso now. My favorite part? Pressing the grinds down. There is something out it that makes me so happy. The taste of coffee is unbelievable and the caffeine hit has been nice.
Especially since Lucy has gotten a sinus infection and a double ear infection this week.

And it helps me to remove one more item off of my kitchen counter. It is my goal to remove everything except for absolute essentials off of my kitchen counter. It helps me to see clutter more quickly and to do something with it. There is little that I love more than a clean kitchen counter. Except for french press coffee.

Go get you one today! You will love it!

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