Friday, May 16, 2008

We Hack Our Kids

Asher has been escaping from his room wee in the early hours of the morning. For some of you with less sleeping kids, you might be saying to yourselves, "give me a break" but my kids have been sleeping until 8am since they were three months old. So Asher making appearances next to my face 6am has been more than a rude awakening.

So we have been trying the clock method. We told him he is not allowed to leave his room until he sees a "seven" on the clock. And this has worked remarkably well. I mean, he is leaving his room at 7:01. So Matt came up with the brilliant idea to "reset the clock" back one half-an-hour. So then "seven" is actually "7:30".

I think it is quite brilliant!

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Lori said...

Hey Leslie, Lori Brooks here. This is the exact idea I came up with for Hannah (our three year old this morning). So funny! I think I might give it a try. I am with Matt on setting the clock back an hour though! Haha.