Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Overwhelmed and (almost) out of time

So we have a 9-day countdown until our house goes on the market and so now is when we decide that we are really serious about fixing the things on our house that have been around for oh, say, two years now. And well, it is a little too little too late. And it is irritating.

I am overwhelmed with work, house crap, the kids are both sick and cranky and so am I. Matt is behind and we are both feeling the pressure of the summer upon us. It really is no way to be.

On the plus side, while we were gone we hired Ben (the guy that lived with us last summer and fall) to come and clean our carpets while we were gone so that is one less thing on our to-do list.

So hopefully, before work week at Windy Gap we can tick a few more things off of our list and feel good about listing our house rather than hope that it looks just mildly better than the trailer park that is down the street.

But who wouldn't want to buy our house and get to sit on our front porch? Doesn't that look lovely?

Here are pictures from our beach trip up on Flickr right now. We are kind of regretting going since we have so many things going on. But it was nice to pretend like we don't have our lives here to catch up on. Just for you, another taste of our time there:

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Anonymous said...

Leslie, your house looks way nicer than any trailer park I've ever seen. I love the front porch! Also, Lucy is just soo cute. Her cheeks are what my dad calls pillows for the lips. Asher's pretty cute too!