Monday, May 26, 2008

Seven Years Ago

I agreed to accept Matt Sloan as my husband for the rest of my life. Little did I know what I was agreeing to.

Some of those things might be:
-peeing outside at any opportunity. Even though we have three bathrooms INSIDE of our house.
-hunting, killing and skinning animals that he expects me to be delighted at eating.
-playing random instruments like the clarinet, the trumpet and the melodica in our garage without knowing how to play any of the instruments.
-wearing women's XL Liz Lange maternity gauchos for an entire month to make high school kids laugh so Jesus can invade their hearts.

Over the years, the things that made me crazy when we were dating, making me crazy now. I knew EXACTLY who I was marrying, I just chose to believe that those things might change. Nope. They are still around. But I think that I have changed because now, those are some of the things that I love the best despite how they might drive me up a wall.

I am grateful that this man is my husband. He prays for me. He prays for our kids. He loves me. He loves our kids. I can not wait to grow old all the days of my life with him, as long as the Lord lets me.

Seven years. Over a quarter of my life has been spent with Matt Sloan. Since I have dated him since I was 21, nearly a THIRD of my life really.

This is how you know that we are becoming one. Matt LOVES to make fractions at any opportunity. Just last night, our friends Jed and Becca celebrated their one month anniversary and Matt told them they would have to do that 84 more time to catch up with us.



erinshelton said...

CONGRATS! You two are awesome. There are very few couples that I know that match up as well as you guys do! You are a testament to true love and having the Lord at the center of your relationship. Thank you for teaching me and allowing me to grow, through knowing you! Happy Anniversary!

Katie said...

I can't beleive that 7 years ago I was at your wedding! you two are such a great couple, congrats on making it that far...and we look forward to at least 63 more years of y'all. from 7 to 70!

i just have to tell you that you gave the sweetest testament to your partner and it's another way that you are an example to those who look up to you.

wishes for many many more blessings and for many many more happy anniversaries!

-katie (barrett) & mason todd

rawbin said...

congratulations, you two!

i can't believe it's been that long. amazing.

i love love love the two of you together.

here's to many many more years & maternity gauchos.

Jessica Freas "Freeze" Kenny said...

Awesome post! Great to hear that everything is going so well! I can't believe that I have been married over a year now... it went by fast, but it has been amazing! I remember when ya'll first started dating! I am so greatful that I was able to be there on your wedding day! I am so happy for ya'll!