Monday, May 5, 2008

Just Got Tagged

Thanks to Erin Shelton, I just got tagged with an about me questionnaire. This is the equivalent of a chain letter, but since she didn't include that if I don't do it my kids will get std's if I don't do it, I will comply.

What was I doing 10 years ago?
1998, I was finishing my sophomore year in college and returning home to take classes at NOVA Community College, work at PJ Skidoos waiting tables and playing soccer for the Zephyr. I was dating Ed Parker and he left to study abroad in England for the summer. Pretty much the hardest summer of my life. Thank GOD I am not doing that over again.

5 Things on My To-Do List Today:
1. This thing.
2. All-Area Club at the Barn in Old Fort. Last club of the school year. YEE HA
3. Sending out emails/writing proposals for Big Bridge Advertising.
4. Playing with my kids in the baby pool before club.
5. Call carpet cleaners to come and clean our carpets a few days before we list our house. Unless someone out there wants to make a little cash doing it for me. Lemme know. I will put this off for today in case someone wants to do it.

5 Snacks I love:
1. Totinos Pizza
2. Fudge Grahams
3. Girl Scout Cookies (Samoas, thin mints or shortbread)
4. Carob covered nuts or raisins
5. Doritos

5 Things I would do if I were a Billionaire:

1. Pay off all of our bills.
2. Pay for college for Lucy and Asher.
3. Give a lot away to people and organizations that are doing the most effective work for the Lord.
4. Go live abroad for several weeks a year.
5. Pay for several of my friends bills that are hanging over their heads.

5 Bad Habits:
1. Raising my voice at my kids.
2. Raising my voice at Matt.
3. Not being content with those I live with, myself or how much money is in our checking account :)
4. Not keeping a clean car.
5. Not keeping my car well-maintained. (a subject for another post!)

5 Places I've Lived:
I have lived in MANY places, so this is my top 5

1. Asheville, NC (2000-present): I moved here right out of college to work for Young Life. Eight years later, Matt is the area director here. It is crazy to see how things have changed but have stayed the same. So many friends have come and gone in these eight years. Now, we have been here long enough to see friends who have come, gone and come back! We love it.
2. Columbia, SC (1996-2000): How could you not love where you went to college? I specifically chose to go to a big state school because I wanted to go somewhere with school spirit and in the south. USC had it all. I met the Lord right before I went there and I owe much of my current relationship with Christ to those that poured into me during my time there.
3. Staten Island, NY (1992-1996) I didn't so much LOVE my time on Staten Island since I felt like an outsider much of my time there. I lived up to that feeling by further alienating myself by putting on a mask of a punk rocker and kept people at a distance. Fun but could be pretty lonely.
4. Carlisle, PA (1991-1992): one year. But a great one where we got to live on a lively post in the United States with good friends and got to meet great life-changing locals from Carlisle. I loved my year here.
5. Berlin, Germany (1984-88): I don't remember a great deal from this period in my life, but I know that it shaped a lot of how I view the world, America and our role in it. In addition, we got to live in one of the world's largest capitals prior to the Berlin Wall coming down and it became Westernized. Pretty incredible.

5 Jobs I've Had...
1. Advertising Executive, Big Bridge Advertising. This is what I am doing now. I pursue new business and network with local business people in Asheville. I love getting to meet people and hear about their businesses. I love seeing how we take mediocre collateral and turn it into marquee messaging and help build a business. It is great fun!
2. Sports Information Director, UNC Asheville. I loved and hated this job. I loved the people, the sports and the varying responsibilities. I hated the hours and the pay.
3. Intern, Young Life of Asheville. I worked for Asheville Young Life at Erwin High School and North Buncombe. It was a great job that I loved for two years. I miss getting to only think about people and how to love them best all day long. Sometimes, that wore me out too.
4. Soccer Player, University of South Carolina. I didn't make actual money at this, but I did get a scholarship and that is as good as money to my mom and dad!
5. Waitress, PJ Skidoos. I already mentioned this. But I waited tables at a steakhouse in Fairfax, Virginia. The sight of food in mass quantities, especially salad dressings made me lose 10 pounds in a month. I looked and felt gross. I sucked at waiting tables and I hope I never have to do it again.

5 People I Want to Know More About:
1. Buffy Smith
2. Sarah Spooner
3. Robin Plemmons
4. Jill Rutland
5. Katy Hanna


erinshelton said...

Good thing you replied. I forgot to put that your kids would be insanely ridiculed and beaten up by bullies in middle school, if you did infact ignore my request! :)

Buffy said...

I can't believe I'm number one on your list. Give me a buzz and let's get crackin on hangin out!

Love you sistah!