Thursday, May 15, 2008

One More Reason to Love Target

I know that none of you need further reasons to love Target, but I am going to tell you why you should run out and spend all of your money there. :)

Last year, Matt and I bought a patio furniture set for our deck. We had looked at the ones at Target, but decided to not to buy their set for a few reasons. (none of them are good now that I look back on it). Instead, we bought a gorgeous set that had a glass top. We brought it home, set it up, put the umbrella up and ate dinner. It was LOVELY. We left everything set up for the night because we wanted to eat Sunday lunch outside after church. Came home, the table top was shattered. Wind had blown the umbrella and broke the table top. We called the store we bought the set from and they offered us a new top to compensate.
We got the new top, no harm no foul except for 3000 shards of glass on and under our deck.

Fastforward to this year. We cleaned out all of the glass from last year. Painted our deck and had friends over for Cinco De Mayo. I was excited to eat outside, so while the kids were napping I set up the table. I opened the umbrella, got all the cushions on the chairs. Came back inside, a gust of wind came out of nowhere and BOOM-shattered the table.

I was ummm, NOT HAPPY.
So I called the store and they did not make the same offer to replace it a year later. So I called a glass company and they offered to custom cut a piece of tempered glass for $100 or a piece of frosted plexiglass for $130. Yikes, that is STEEP. Except that I have a perfectly useless frame of a table sitting on top of now another 3000 pieces of tempered glass that is raining down on my kids play castle and swings.

I looked around a little and decided that our table is now crap. Because I do not want yet another piece of glass to go on top of the table. Nor do I want a plexiglass top that will scratch and yellow with time.

Where do I find my answer? Target. They have a patio table that has NO glass, instead is woven metal (which is EXACTLY) what we looked at last year AND it matches all of my chairs.

I went to Target today and they had no more in stock. All they had was a floor model. I asked if I could buy it and they guy who looked EXACTLY like Dwight Schrutte told me no. More would be coming in. A manager overheard him and asked him to check if it was the last one and now on clearance. He checked and it was! They COULD sell me the floor model, for 30% off! Hooray! I paid $70 for a brand new table, they took it apart and put it in my car for me.

I was fired up. I mean, I would have LOVED to not have spent $70 on that, but it was a much better value than getting a new piece of glass cut.

Now, we can entertain outside again! Except we are never home in the summer. ugh.

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