Thursday, September 25, 2008

Dear Unsorted Mail

One of my favorite blogs is Unsorted Mail. More for the ideas that it plants in my head than actual content because they have taken the summer pretty much off from posting. Here is what was developed in my mind from this morning:

Dear Political Candidates for President,
Stop believing so much in yourselves and your power to fix the economy. Here is the West Wing boxed set. Please watch before you get sworn into office.

Dear Woman Who Just Left Yoga Class and Walked Into the Steam Room Butt-Naked,
Continuing to do yoga poses including sitting cross-legged across from me? Yeah, that was awkward.

Dear Custom Made Bunk Beds that require mattresses more expensive than bunk beds from Pottery Barn,
Thanks but no thanks.

Dear Wiener Dog who continues to poop the entire length of your body night after night in my room even though you go out to poop at midnight,
ever heard of the term shish-ka-bob?


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