Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Dear Walt Disney Corporation;

I wanted write you a note to let you know about how much I appreciate your industry.
You are brilliant! Your brilliance has invaded nearly every part of my life in the past three years and I am grateful. Where would I be without The Wiggles, HigglyTown Heroes, Handy Many and let's not forget about Emily Yeung.

But I have a bone to pick with you. I really WANT my child to love the films that I loved growing up and so I have dutifully bought into your dreamland of a corporation and this summer we have added 101 Dalmatians, The Jungle Book, Cars and Peter Pan to our video collection. Just those four movies cost me $80. I am sure that is just a drop in the bucket to you. Really. I know it.

But $80 spent on movies seems a bit excessive and this is why. I don't need, nor do I want to EVER see the "extra scenes" from 101 Dalmatians. I can hardly watch the movie, or even have it on in the background let alone watch someone TALK ABOUT MAKING THE MOVIE from 40 years ago or so. I can say the same thing about Jungle Book, Peter Pan and Cars. But, there is a serious form of mom guilt that doesn't allow me to simply toss the spare DVD's of information straight into the garbage. Why? Because there must be some sort of value there that I don't see but one day-MY CHILD MIGHT and then I have to explain the rules of life about how if we don't use things, we get rid of them rather than letting them just capture dust in our house.

But on the off chance that this might be the very thing that would scar my child for life keeps the DVD's in their cases and in my house. I mean, who knows? Asher might want to be a cartoonist and watch the full 90 minutes of covereage on on the making of Peter Pan and I will have dashed his dreams just because I hate (almost as a rule) the "extra footage" that drives the cost of DVD's through the roof.

Just think about it. If they didn't include this "extra value" along with the "extra packaging" and "extra production cost" don't you think that these very same Disney movies would actually cost me what they are worth? $10. Which is what they used to cost on VHS.

Let's return to the good 'ole days of disney-what d'ya say? Since my copy of Jungle Book is already scratched and you forced me to buy a video that we won't ever watch...wanna call it even and give me a new copy? Or replace my copy of Mary Poppins that I bought before "extra footage" was tacked on and the sound quality stinks?

How about you just stop ripping off the people that are your very biggest fans and then maybe-just maybe we can love you again.

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