Monday, September 8, 2008

The Escape Artist

I am going to follow up my previous post with another one that shows you just what a terror I was a child because my children are following in my footsteps, yet at much earlier ages.

Matt and I were out of town with Young Life on Friday night and the amazing Amy Noll (a freshman at UNCA ) babysat our kids for the overnight.

I told her that Asher likes to get up early and we give him a bowl of cereal and turn on the TV until we are ready to get up. Yes, that is how we handle the mornings around here.

So I gave her the go-ahead to do likewise. She took me up on it when Asher woke up at 6am on Saturday morning after studying astronomy until 2am. She gave him cereal, the Backyardigans and headed back to bed.

She woke up at 7am hearing a strange voice in the house; our neighbor Pat was bringing Asher back over after he decided to hang out with her and Ray (her husband) at 6:45 on SATURDAY MORNING. Oh and yes, she was IN MY HOUSE.

Turns out, he just up and left the house all by his lonesome and wandered over there for a little family time with the Allmans.

Wanna guess what is more awkward than that? Nothing.
My 18-year old babysitter being asleep while my 70-year old neighbor brings my three-year old back to my house.
Once again...paybacks are well; you know what they are.


Nichole said...

Wow. That would've been mortifying!

Ed Eubanks said...

Say-- that's how we handle mornings at our house, too!

Michelle said...

I am laughing so hard I can't breathe! YOu definitely deserve that for what you put mom through!

Buffy said...

Holy cow...that's hlarious...and frightening! makes me want to put high locks on our doors! Zoe is going to do stuff like that just to show me all the fun I missed out on being such a little obedient angel!

Natalie said...

Crazy! I can't believe this happened to you- well I guess I can actually. I too was laughing so hard and saying Oh No over and over as I read it!

Anonymous said...

I have only two comments:
1: Unlike his mother, at least it was not a policeman who brought him home! and
2. Think of all the wonderful tales you will have to tell your grandchildren someday!


gooddog said...

that is awesome. gooooo asher! (well, not literally)