Monday, September 15, 2008

Hoping and Wishing and Praying

We have had two different showings on our house since Saturday that have given me a combined 8 minutes prep time before they were in my house.

On Thursday, I had to turn down a showing because they gave me five minutes heads up and both my kids just laid down for their naps. They were both sick and I just couldn't make magic happen.

On Saturday, the listing service called and asked if they could walk through my house in five minutes. My friend Caroline was over and so she helped me pick up blocks and other toys and then she scooted out to go to work. The agent thought that was me leaving the house and so they came right in. It was like a scene from a movie. The door handle opening, me flipping on the light and escaping to my basement to tidy up down there while they walked around upstairs. As soon as I heard their feet on the stairs, I walked out through the garage with all of laundry in tow!

Today, another agent called...gave me TWO minutes heads up and just went ahead and rang the doorbell since it was obvious I was still in the house straightening up. I got to chat while trying to not look like a woman losing her mind and shoo my kids out the door as they simultaneously are trying to grab everything that I am cleaning up.

Turns out, both parties are interested in the house!
Please pray that something happens this week. I am about to keel over with trying to keep my house clean while all of these people are springing showings on me!

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hazeltwenty said...

My fingers are crossed very tightly for you! Lex