Friday, September 12, 2008

We need a Bunk Mate

Our good friend Ben Johnson has moved back into our house and we are trying to figure out a good sleeping solution.

One possibility that we are looking at is BUNK BEDS! Yes, bunk beds for a 21 year-old and a 3 year-old. Who wouldn't want to be Asher's roomate?

Anybody have some bunk beds in storage somewhere?


Ben said...

im 22 jerkface...which might be worse?

lesliesloan said...

who you callin' jerkface?
I know where you sleep...

S. Spooner said...

well if Ben wants a full-size loft bed (like bunkbeds only w/o the bottom bunk, just space for one, over 5ft clearance underneath) I have one in storage in VA he's just gotta get it.
looks like this: