Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Gas in Asheville

Is this going on in other places across the country or just in our fair city?
I sat in my car for an hour to get gas. Tempers were flaring all around me and I was MAJOR stressed about picking the kids up from school on time. I got in line at 12. At 1pm, I pulled up to the pump and was moving quickly to get out of there. I almost cried when I thought about all of the time that I sat in the line and I wasn't going to be able to get any gas because of the time. But thankfully, I pulled it off. But seriously...what is happening?


S. Spooner said...


It's still lingering effect from Gustav and Ike; really hitting our area b/c of the remoteness (and b/c our gas comes from the Gulf and not the Atlantic). Gulp.

Nichole said...

I was just thinking a few weeks ago, "I could really use some extra stress in my life." Little did I know, there was a gas crisis waiting just around the corner!

(I haven't even had to wait in one of the fuel pump lines, and it still stresses me out. I'm not leaving the house any more.)