Monday, September 8, 2008

Sharpie This, Sharpie That

The other day I was bus putting up tomatoes in the freezer and Lucy started playing a game with me. She was grabbing barrettes from her drawer and bringing them to me one by one. She was so sweet holding it out and being so pleased each time I said "Thank you!"
Then, I was getting distracted putting tomatoes into the freezer bags and didn't notice that she was gone for an extended period. The next time I saw her, she came dancing into the kitchen proudly holding an uncapped black Sharpie Marker.

(I know exactly what my mom is thinking and yes, paybacks are a B**CH!

I quickly snatched it out of her little hand and began the frantic search for where the Sharpie had been used to "draw peeeople." A quick glance around the house and I didn't see any damage. I narrowly escaped having to repaint my living room.

I went to pick up our babysitter, came back home and was giving her the rundown when I noticed that Lucy had "drawn peeeople" all over the dining room table.

I grabbed a Magic Eraser and in a few minutes my table was back to new. Except that the Magic Eraser also removed the top layer on my table. So now I have dull spots on my table. Better than Sharpie right?

BTW: Lucy still has Sharpie behind her ear. I can't manage to get back there long enough to scrub it off!

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I shall remain silent....

Love y"all