Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Find Your Greatness-24 Days!

The New York Road Runners (the organization that puts on the NYC Marathon) said when the hard training is over it's like "hay is in the barn."

I'm in the middle of my hardest week but it feels like the rewards are just around the corner. And I keep remembering why I started this. To run for hope. To run for Amy. To run because others can't or won't. To run because I never thought I could with my own limitations.

In watching a lot of videos for these posts, the overall theme that I have come away having learned in preparation for the marathon is that the race is truly a vision of humanity. All walks of life overcoming their own limitations to accomplish their personal goal.

For the elite runners, to perhaps win the whole race.
For the advanced runners, for an incredible time to qualify for another race.
For the intermediate runners, for a personal record or just to run a great, mind blowing, once-in-a-lifetime race (this is me)
For everyone to have started and finished something that was bigger than themselves.

Very few people can simply wake up in a morning, run a marathon and finish it feeling good. At the very least, they will have learned that they will train the next time.

Running these last three months has taught me so much more than I realize now. But at this moment, it has taught me being determined to not quit is a huge accomplishment. And one that I will have in common with the other 47,000 runners on November 3rd. That is my strong today.

The hay is in the barn.
My greatness is in finding a will to do THIS that is stronger than the will to quit.
I can only claim because of Jesus. He has helped me every day. All glory to Him in this. Phil 4:13.

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