Thursday, October 10, 2013

What's Next?

People have been asking me what's next after the NYC Marathon and truthfully I don't know!

I'd love to get through this ONE BIG STINKING RACE first.

But there is a fun race here in Asheville that is coming up in March that is run by my favorite race organizers (iDaph) and they are organizing a marathon on the Biltmore Estate.

I'm definitely considering it, but haven't entered. Yet.
The coolest thing about the Asheville Marathon at the Biltmore Estate is they have selected Inheritance of Hope as their charity! Funds raised from the race will go to IOH. How cool is that?

You can register for the race at and the race is sponsored by Mizuno.

So, as much as I say I don't what I'm doing next, I am ENTERING to win an a free entry into the race. It gets pretty expensive to enter races. And I think we all know what a challenge it has been to raise $ for IOH. I wouldn't mind doing that again. But let's go for a freebie eh?

I would wear a Mizuno Wave Evo Ferus in this race if I wore Mizuno. You can check out the Mizuno website here where they have a shoe guide and they ask you crazy questions to lead you to your right shoe. It's pretty cool.

We'll see! The contest ends tonight. So...

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