Friday, October 25, 2013

NYC Playlist-9 Days!

Some people have been asking, so here it is.

The playlist.

I have it on Spotify  so you can see it there and listen. For free. Here it is: SPOTIFY

Have I mentioned my love for Spotify? I doubt that it will work for the marathon with 47,000 + spectators all trying to use their phones, so I am going to play it safe and have all these songs preloaded on my phone.

But WOW. Spotify. It's a game changer. Especially for Young Life leaders. $10 a month and you don't have to pay for music? That's just crazy.

Anyway, here is the playlist.
It's all jacked up in the formatting cause it's meant to go in a CD case.

I decided after listening to Spotify for the last two weeks to add about 40 songs to the playlist that all my donors gave me. The little changes will give me a boost and these songs are ALL fun and surprising to me even know. I have been changing playlists as I have gone along so I wouldn't be too bored with my music.

Also, I don't even know IF I will listen to much music during the race.
All of the blogs I have read suggest not running with music that much because the environment surrounding this marathon in particular is not one to insulate yourself from with your own music. But just let it go and enjoy the whole day.

I plan on doing a little of both. Enjoying the environment but when I need to refocus and get my pace back on track--plugging in and getting after it (perhaps when I'm feeling really tired).

We'll see!

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