Thursday, October 10, 2013

Volunteers-23 Days!

Since we hang out with high school students all the time AND I went to high school in NYC-this video hit me pretty close to home. One of the aspects of any road race that is required is volunteers. Tons of them. There is no real reason to volunteer for a race except maybe your organization is going to be a financial beneficiary of the sponsoring organization OR you have been really convinced that this is worth your time and effort by a very passionate person.

Having cheered on friends and family at races and having run TONS of races, I can say that I love the volunteers.

Having lived in NYC for four years, I am so looking forward to how ridiculously hilarious the New York version of volunteer is. Their accents, what they say, how they cheer. Somehow it is altogether different than what you get in Asheville.

 I mean, our marathon had mandolin players. So...we're different here.

The volunteers work so hard. They have to be on the race course early in the morning and leave after the last runner. Cleaning up all the cups. Standing the whole time. Yelling. I am sure that this is EXHAUSTING volunteer work. It's not an easy day.

I'm gonna be looking for the High School of Dual Language in Brooklyn. NO DOUBT.
Watch this video at least until you see the SEA of runners coming down the road. It is crazy.

I also love hearing the hs students talking about inspired they are by the runners who are running for all reasons. It gets me so PUMPED.

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