Saturday, October 5, 2013

Week 12: 28 days!

This was quite a week! I followed up the race from last week by trying to run to recover and just get to Satutday so I could survive the long 18 mile run. And I did it! 

Now, I only have three weeks of running left until the race. One long run and two weeks of tapering. 

That means this next week is my last hard week of training! 
I can't believe it! 

The race is getting so close and every day that I run it feels so close. I'm pumped! 

Gear of the week: 

not my target sports bra. It gave me serious blisters on the long run of the week. 
Lesson learned. 

Spibelt: it's a belt that holds your phone around your waist.  I just ordered a new one that will hold more gels. Mine has been awesome far. It holds my phone perfectly plus my id, a gel or two. It is awesome. 

Next week is a 20 mile run. That's huge for me! I can do it! 

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Leslie Ruth Petree said...

You've got this!!! So proud of you :)