Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Track Your Runner-5 Days!

The New York Road Runners have officially released the application in the iTunes and Google Play store that allows you to track runners on race day. So if you'd like to add this app to your phone, you can play along at home and watch my progress:

New York Road Runners Link

Also, here are directions if you want to watch the race live. It is going to be aired on ESPN2! Starting at 9:00am nationwide! WOOHOO!

New York Road Runners Tune In information

Also there will be a finish line camera on the New York Road Runners page that you can watch me try to finish the race. I am hoping to cross anywhere from 1:35pm to 2pm. So that is a good window of time to hang out in front of the computer if you are into that kind of thing. If you track me on the app-you will know FOR SURE when I should cross.

My bib number is 25206 and I am registered under my full name so that should make it easy to find.

(last year's commercial)

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robin said...

So super proud of you, Leslie Lamb Sloan!!! I'll be cheering you on!