Saturday, October 26, 2013

Week 15! 8 days left!

Now THIS was a tough week.
I got in a car accident on Monday. 
I had a run scheduled every day. 
My kids have two teacher work days AND my husband is out of town all week. 
AND the marathon is so close and I really don't HAVE to run but I need to run to maintain my fitness and to not lose my mind. 

The taper has made me super twitchy. 
I've been trying to watch what I eat, drink and focus on every single little activity I do.

Which will make you pretty mental if you let it. 
And so I tried to rest while I wasn't doing all the stuff you can read above. It was challenging. NO DOUBT. 
But look! I ran. And I thought I wasn't running that much and then I turned around and somehow cranked out a 33 mile week. Somewhere around Thursday I was pretty cranky about running a lot of miles still. But I did it. Thanks NYRR training plan. 

Somehow this week I ran 6 more miles than last week and about hour more. This adds up. In a real way. 

I mean. This is a lot of time running. And this is just one week. Somehow I have made it through 15 weeks of this. I can't believe it. And now I am into the FINAL WEEK.

Which means I get to wear this shirt every day:

YAY! It's marathon week people! 

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