Friday, June 12, 2009

Best News Since He Was Born

Last night I was setting the kids down for bed and we were saying our prayers which included the high school kids that were at club listening to Mr. Frank talking about Jesus dying on the cross.

I was praying for them when Asher piped up,

"I have Jesus in my heart."
"You do?"
"Yes. He's right here."
"That's great news, do you love him?"
"I do. He's my friend."

All the while, Lucy is singing the song "Beautiful Scandalous Night" right next to me. (I can't make that up.)

After a few minutes, Matt came back to say good night and Asher told him the same thing. But he added,

"Jesus is in my heart Daddy. But you can't see him. He's inside, where you can't see...kind of near my belly."
"In your belly?"
"Yep, he's eating Dora Berries and Hot Dogs."

We hugged him all up and told him loved him and that was the greatest news we've ever heard and put him to sleep.

What a great way to end a tough week.


JRobin Whitley said...

This is a great blog. Peace to you this day, Robin

robin said...

oh Asher Sloan, you sweet boy. I can hear him saying it right now. With the "Dora Berries & Hot dogs" - good grief that's cute.

Buffy said...

awwwwwww! sweet