Wednesday, June 3, 2009

New Blog to Note

My good friend Lindsay Hancock has started a blog and since her husband is doing the EXACT same thing that my husband is doing right now, except her husband is in fact BUBBA NUBBINS...I thought that you might want to follow along and see our perspectives.

Since we are both behind cameras all the time, the only chances we have to actually be seen, is probably on each other's blogs. Are we nerds or what? We live down the hall from each other, our daughters could be twins, our husbands doing really ridiculous raps about eating nachos at the Honeycomb to Justin Timberlake tunes. What's not to love?

Anywho, it is a great blog already and you will like to see how she updates more often than me since I am getting tired out from all my twittering and whatnot.

Check it out

Also, the Hancocks have the best stories-already they one about a bear in camp that I didn't know about! GO NOW!

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