Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A New Day

Today was a new day with Asher.
Starting fresh. Trying to have a new attitude and new approach. But still with the old frustrations.

But, I did get a piece of encouragement.
One of the parents mentioned that last year their child simply wasn't eating enough "real" food on their assignment and they had to up the protein intake of their kids in order to compensate for it.

For example?
After two boxes of sugar cereal, Asher chases that with pancakes and syrup for breakfast.
At lunch, he ate a quarter of a grilled cheese sandwich, chips, kool-aid and a GIANT cookie.
Snack was a slushie at the snackbar with starburst and m&m's.
For dinner was fajitas, but he ate only a tortilla shell with cheese in it followed with a sopapilla and honey.

Now, I am not normally this out of it when it comes to my kids dietary intake. But there is a lot going on at camp. When this mom mentioned it to me, it was like alarm bells started going on inside my head and all of the sudden I realized that my kid was running off of PURE SUGAR.

He was sugaring up and crashing. Sugaring up and crashing. Then running off of adrenaline and excitement. Then he was just tired and wired. Then I just wanted to wring his neck.

So today, we changed course and added some serious protein to the diet and I think I saw some light at the end of the tunnel. Of course, this could all come crashing down tomorrow. But, I am so hopeful that if we regulate protein and make sure that we limit his carbs and sugar that he can chill a little bit more.

We can hope right?
Until then, there's always Lucy.

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