Monday, June 1, 2009

Something to Look Forward To

Camp is well under way. Sorry to not have posted yet.
It is always chaotic to get started.

We have kids from all over the US; Texas, Tennessee, Alaska, Montana, Colorado here this week and it is a blast already. When the buses started rolling into camp, there wasn't a dry eye on the property (of adults-work crew and summer staff aren't as in tune with what is going on) I believe that the day that I don't get emotional over seeing kids get off of buses, is the day that we are done with this mission.

The weather has made things hilarious, because really; who doesn't want to do an obstacle course in 30 degree weather through snow melt creeks in the dark? That's high adventure right there.

We are getting ready for more high adventure tomorrow when the high is supposed to be 40 and SNOW SHOWERS in the middle of the swim meet. The pool is heated and all, but really? At least the pictures will be priceless.

Best reaction of the week so far was when the bad guy, "Bubba Nubbins" came on last night and he told Jims and Cole (Matt and Scott) that he scattered the donkey herd...Asher turned to me and said with a LOT of passion, "THAT IS NOT NICE! I'm gonna get my Daddy and we are gonna fix that Bubba Nubbins!"

(I know that nearly NONE of that paragraph makes any sense whatsoever. Just go with it.)

Does it get any cuter? He is ALL MAN CUB is the phrase that is being tossed around camp this week.

And Lucy? Well she is just charming the pants off of everybody by being as cute and sassy as she can be. Here she is on top of a boulders scaring me to death.

I have decided to rename the camp, Rock Death Camp since they just put in about 300 3-foot tall boulders around camp and all my kids want to do is climb them. They look cool and it is an alternative to a playground. No accidents yet!


Michelle said...

Oh, I love these pictures and getting to have a little peek into what life is like there!

Anonymous said...

"All man cub" may be the classic understatement!
My money is on Jims and Cole and the man cub!
The RiRi

robin said...

Rock Death Camp. that's funny.

i have GOT to go to Windy G for an arrival sometime this summer. It's so overwhelming. I love it.

love you.

Buffy said...

Hilarious picture of Asher. And Lucy is too adorable. I need to squeeze them!

Luke said...

MANY thanks for the photos and words from Holy Ground. We're watching that weather for our June 28 arrival. We may need some video reports soon.