Sunday, June 7, 2009

Date Night

This week, I was reading about the Obama's date night in the Big Apple and USA Today published a poll here that said that 36% of moms say that they have a date night with their spouse every seven months. And 18% said every 4-6 months. That's 54% of mom's spend over half a year in their house without a break from their kids with their spouse.


No doubt the divorce rate in our country is what it is. Not that date is going to solve everything. But it made me really appreciate that effort that Matt makes at creating space for us to go on dates and to get out of our house without our kids.

I would lost my mind if I had to go half a year before leaving my house with my husband for dinner and a movie or even a trip to Lowes.

I'm not hard to please.

How often do you get a date night?


leslie ruth said...

We don't have kids yet {and yet, does an incredibly needy dog count?} but we still try to do a date night every other week. It helps to keep the romance alive. Or at least holds off the danger of mind numbing familiarity.

I'd say most of my close married friends are pretty vigilant about date nights as well. The #1 piece of wisdom I've always heard from my aunt and uncle was that the best thing you can give your kids is a healthy marriage. Glad y'all are doing that for Lucy & Asher...

Ashby Howard said...

I know it's been atleast 3 months. But we've asked mom to watch the baby sometime soon so we can grab a bite to eat together. I know what you mean about getting out even if it's just to Lowes. We sat on the beach together over Memorial day weekend (while Maren napped) and realized it was the first time we'd been alone in weeks and weeks. I wonder how often is ok to make room for a date night...