Thursday, June 18, 2009

With You, I Can Hike Anywhere

This morning we woke up and the weather was great. All three program guys wanted the day off. But I have been wanting to take Asher and Lucy on the All-Camp Hike all month long. So, much to Matt's surprise; today was the day.

We got the kids up and ready and we took long deep breaths hoping that this would not turn out badly. I mean, if they melted down we would just be at 12,000 feet elevation and five miles from camp rather than just at the pool like the rest of the assigned team, right?

I was praying. HARD.
We strapped Lucy into the little Ergo carrier that the Maslin's lent to us before coming out here. She looks like she in a papoose! She and Matt got to spend some Q-U-A-L-I-T-Y time together today.

And off we went! It was beautiful the whole way and the pace was perfect for the kids and us. It was definitely challenging and long, but Asher made it the whole way with very little complaining-mostly he just wanted lunch. It was simply beautiful and we got to meet a bunch of the campers.

It was a great day with our kids and I think they had a lot of fun. Matt and I really enjoyed the day. It was only three and half hours with a lunch stop, so that wasn't too bad and we got some great pictures.

Yes, we did go to top of this little "hill" and even more.

Mostly, I think we really got to see how much of an animal Asher is. He was a source of inspiration to high school students who were really having a hard time to keep going. After all, if a four-year old can make it, why couldn't they?

He was so sweet and really good and he was really proud of himself for the huge accomplishment of climbing a mountain today. I was fired up and loved every minute of it. Lucy had a great time hanging out and having a good time with Matt too.

Thank goodness this was not one of my worst ideas. I definitely approached the mountain with fear and trembling this morning!


Michelle said...

That is so incredible. I love the picture of Lucy strapped to Matt's back and the funny face Asher just had to take with you. Looks a little familiar to many I have of me & Peter.
I am so impressed and proud to know ya.

Buffy said...

Definite christmas card material!