Thursday, June 4, 2009

Crooked Creek is Saved!

When you live at camp, you live on a camp schedule where every day is in order, Day 1 is when campers arrive. Day 2 and 3 they do other activities but Day 4 is the big one. We pack so much into this day that is fairly unbelievable that high school students survive it, much less my husband and the rest of the staff.

Asher is no dummy-please look how cute Mills Hancock is.
Can you say future rehearsal dinner photo? Yes, we are scheming already.

But for the life of the staff kid, it is like Christmas-come once a week. They get to go to Club, go swimming, eat pizza lunch, the kitchen gets blown up, we all get dressed up, guns get shot four times, there is a fire, Indians in a teepee, fried chicken for dinner, a carnival with cotton candy and popcorn, a full-music and dance show featuring your daddy, then a dance party. After that full day-you fall into bed exhausted at 10:30 at night (which equals 3am in preschooler years).
Lindsay Hancock with her doll baby daughter Mills. Lindsay does in fact want to kill me in the middle of the night for posting this picture. But it is her costume for program. So, you have to see it.

Asher has been asking when he gets to dress up like a cowboy since we left home in Asheville, over a WEEK AGO. And he asked about the carnival no less than 75 times yesterday.

(ever seen a tableau set up on a lake? There's a first time for everything.)

Of course, it poured down raining all afternoon and the show had to go on. So we had tableau set up out there and the poor summer staff and work crew had to be out in it for over an hour just shivering in the rain. But a miracle occurred when campers came out because the weather cleared out and it didn't rain again during the night. AMAZING! It looked like the weather was here to stay.

The kids had a blast and I had so much fun dressing them up-especially giving Lucy little braids. She melted my heart all night long and Asher was hilarious with his two pistols shooting everyone up.

He was the funniest during the Opera. There was a scene where Matt gets fed up and walks out on his partner and Asher was shocked at his dad's "behavior." He looked at me and said "Is daddy not going to be a cowboy anymore?" with so much passion and sadness in his voice. He really gets into it. He was ready to dance when it all turned out all right in the end.

The whole team did an amazing job last night and we are excited to get through the next six days to do it all again!


Luke said...

I loved every detail and hoped that this would be the blog entry that would never end!

Buffy said...

I love y'all so much. Thank you for what you're doing! You all look adorable and it looks like a blast! Praying you stay well.

Aunt Buff

Ed Eubanks said...

It sounds great-- and Matt is a hero for doing what he does week after week.

I hope y'all have so much fun this summer.

robin said...

love it love it love it.

Can Lucy's braids be any cuter?

love you.